Velvet Reptiles is all about my exotic animals and breeding projects.


I currently own around 40 snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, other invertebrates and 2 dogs. I'm also breeding dubia roaches and ASF rats, so I breed most of the food animals for my reptiles and invertebrates.

I'm originally from Porvoo (Finland), but moved to Haparanda in 2016. I've had reptiles since 2004.


I've been living my whole life around animals, like birds, cats, dogs, turtles/tortoises, rodents, rabbits and many more. I've wanted to have snakes since I was a little kid, but my parents never allowed me to have any as my mom was scared of them. In 2004 I was offered to get a rescued corn snake which was basically only skin and bone, barely alive. That whole situation changed my parents mind and they let me rescue her. That's where everything (finally!) started.


During the years I've owned many different reptiles, like geckos, boas, pythons and chameleons. I also worked in a pet shop for a while, and had a chance to learn more about reptiles I've never owned myself. Years were passing, and I started getting a lot of experience from calm to very defensive animals, and from very small to really big ones. 


I started to work with venomous animals at the beginning of 2017, starting from venomous invertebrates to slowly get in touch with venomous reptiles. Some of my friends helped and taught me the basics and let me learn the handling with their own snakes. After that I finally was confident enough to get my own ones. I've been dreaming of A. squamigeras and P. popeiorums for ages (my passion for dragons might have something to do with it 😅) and nowadays I'm basically living the dream, doing what I've always loved.

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